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Tips for Linux Performance in Hyper-V

[Disclosure:  Microsoft employee] Every now and then we are asked how well Linux performs on Hyper-V.  We’ve done extensive testing and most of the time it runs quite well, but we’ve found a few cases, where some tuning can make all

Understanding The Latest Cloud Announcements (AWS to Azure Mapping)

(Disclaimer – this blog post was written by a Microsoft employee) It’s a real exciting time in the cloud computing industry with so many new solutions being offered at a dizzying pace. Several new announcements were made last week and

When CPU metrics with Hyperthreading, Monster VMs and VMware Make No Sense

CPU seems like such a simple thing, but in the age of virtualization, hyper-threading and vNUMA, it can get quite complicated. In fact looking at some metrics can get you to lose your mind until you realize what’s really going

VM Snapshots — They can be a problem, but VVols in vSphere 6 can help

Snapshots in VMware have been an invaluable tool for years.  The ability to create an application consistent point-in time snapshot of a virtual machine has significant OPEX (or DevOps — take your pick) benefits. It can be used as an

vSphere 6 (and VSAN 6) Now Available

The wait is over.  You can now download vSphere 6 and VSAN 6 from  I’ve written about the great features in vSphere 6 here and a lot of people are anxious to upgrade to start realizing the benefits of

Best of 2014

These lists typically annoy me but I was curious what some of my most popular content was and since I have it right here…. The most popular blog post by far was “Exploring VMware’s New OnDemand Private Cloud” which was

Exploring VMware’s New OnDemand Private Cloud (Part 1)

UPDATE:  vCloud Air OnDemand is out of beta and has now entered an Early Access Program for which you can sign up here. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to explore a beta of VMware’s upcoming cloud offering – vCloud Air

Monitoring Storage Elements with LSI Controllers in ESXi

Cisco UCS servers have made quite an impact in the market and are currently #1 in blades.  Most UCS Servers don’t use any local storage beyond maybe booting ESXi from an SD card.  But what if you had a use

Nimble Storage Revisited: The CS700 and Adaptive Flash

Back in 2010 I noticed with this blog post the entry of Nimble Storage into the storage market. With their release of their new CS700 line and what they call Adaptive Flash, I figured it was a good time for

A Look Back at 2013 – Blog and Personal Notes

Looking back on 2013 my level of blogging as well as my participation effort (especially as a three-year vExpert) is far below where I would have liked it to be.  It seems to me that there’s two simple reasons for