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VMware Announces EVO:RAIL for the Software Defined Data Center

The much rumored “MARVIN” has manifested today as EVO:RAIL which represents VMware’s entry into the “Infrastructure In-A-Box” or hyper-converged market. Each “RAIL” consists of a block of four (4) x86 rack mount servers available from a list of partners, with

Software Defined Speed — A Look at PernixData FVP

PernixData FVP is a solution I’ve worked with in one environment for perhaps the past 6 months or so. I’ve been meaning to write about it (more than just tweets anyway) for some time, but I’m first now getting around

Nimble Storage Revisited: The CS700 and Adaptive Flash

Back in 2010 I noticed with this blog post the entry of Nimble Storage into the storage market. With their release of their new CS700 line and what they call Adaptive Flash, I figured it was a good time for

Patch Available for NFS APD issue on ESXi 5.5 U1

There is an issue with using NFS on ESXi 5.5 U1 where intermittent APDs (All Paths Down) conditions occur which can disrupt active workloads. The KB for the issue is here. Patch 5.5 E4 was released on June 10 which

Will VMware Start Selling Hardware? Meet MARVIN

Will VMware Start Selling Hardware? Meet MARVIN

The Register is running a story that VMware is preparing to launch a line of hardware servers.

VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN) Launched

VMware introduced the revolutionary and disruptive concept of server hardware virtualization which has helped usher in a new era of computing.  This abstraction has provided more management, more automation, more scale, and of course more value. So who better to

Storage Trends Part 2 — 3D Chess

I’m going to do something a bit risky and perhaps crazy.  I’m going to perform a comparative analysis of various solutions in the storage market, and in the process risk starting a thousand vendor flame wars. I hope and don’t

Optimization Defined Storage (Storage Trends Part 1)

Recently I found myself engaged in a discussion on Twitter with @DuncanYB , @vcdxnz001 and @bendiq regarding Software Defined Storage (SDS) when I realized that our definitions might be approaching the issue from slightly different perspectives.  Therefore I decided it

iSCSI MultiPathing with VMware vSphere

Every now and then I come across an iSCSI configuration which does not conform to best practices.  There’s several great posts that cover this, but I thought I’d try to briefly cover some the basics and FAQs in this post.

The Storage Hypervisor Part 3 — Storage Efficiency

In the first post in this series we discussed how ONTAP – the #1 storage platform in terms of revenue – is a storage hypervisor of sorts – providing benefits which parallel those provided by virtualization.  In the second post