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Active Directory in the Cloud

Active Directory capabilities have been a key differentiatior for the Microsoft Cloud, which includes the capabilities of Azure.  Some may be inclined to think of Active Directory as a legacy on-premise technology that grinds against cloud principles, but when it

Upgrading to vCenter Server 5.5 Using a New Server

You may find that you want to start looking at upgrading your vCenter Server to version 5.5 to take advantage of new capabilities, a faster and improved web interface and the ability to upgrade your hosts to ESXi 5.5.

Using Google Cloud Storage with Veeam Cloud Edition

Veeam 6.5 Cloud Edition has many nice features.  It includes the award winning Veeam Backup and Recovery and then adds a second application to replicate those backups to offsite storage — such as Google Cloud Storage. Veeam does a great

Installing Windows Server 2012 from ISO on ESXi 5.1

UPDATE:  It seems that one host in this vSphere 5.1 cluster was running ESX 5.0 which may have been causing the issues I experienced.  However, this approach may be helpful in similar environments where not all hosts are running 5.1.

POLL: Should Microsoft have a separate OS for mobile devices?

Windows 8 has been released to mixed reviews.  The general consensus seems to be that the Windows 8 UI works well for touch devices, but is a deterrent to businesses who rely on the traditional keyboard and mouse interfaces. Microsoft’s

Virtual Machine Considerations For NetApp Storage

In our environment we’ve done something which at first glance might seem a bit unconventional to many.  We’ve consolidated all OS-based disks (VMDKs) on a dedicated set of datastores, and have done the same with application drives, page files and even

SQL 2012 (Denali) Enables Exciting New HA Scenarios

Up until now there’s been several ways to try to achieve high availability with SQL Server but all present significant complications. There’s SQL clustering, but this is expensive and still only leaves us with one copy of the database

The SSD and the Home Lab

I thought I’d do a quick post about the impact an SSD (and perhaps a memory upgrade) can have on a home lab.  I tend to lag behind when it comes to access to both technology and experience (which I’m

New Application HA Whitepaper

Previously I posted an overview of Symantec HA here.  VMware and Symantec have just released a new whitepaper detailing Application HA protecting SQL Server, which you can read in full here. A quick summary: The Application HA monitoring API was

Speed up vSphere client on Windows 7

KB article 1027836 explains that the vSphere client may seem slow when running on Windows 7 systems, and that this is especially noticeable when maximixing the window, which forces a redraw of all the panes inside the client. To improve