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Record Breaking Hyper-Converged Performance with Windows Server 2016

(Disclaimer – this blog post was written by a Microsoft employee) As Gartner has noted, hyper-converged SANs (often referred to as Software Defined Storage, SDS or HCI) have been taking off in popularity in the mid-market and even for side

Active Directory in the Cloud

Active Directory capabilities have been a key differentiatior for the Microsoft Cloud, which includes the capabilities of Azure.  Some may be inclined to think of Active Directory as a legacy on-premise technology that grinds against cloud principles, but when it

New Azure Capabilities and AzureCon (Sept. 29)

Azure has evolved and grown remarkably over the years,  now offering first class support for Linux VMs, containers, machine learning and more, making it a great choice to extend your on-premises environment –whether it be VMware, Windows Hyper-V, or something else.

Top 6 Features of vSphere 6

Top 6 Features of vSphere 6

This changes things. It sounds cliché to say “this is our best release ever” because in a sense the newest release is usually the most evolved.  However as a four year VMware vExpert I do think that there is something

Exploring VMware’s New OnDemand Private Cloud (Part 1)

UPDATE:  vCloud Air OnDemand is out of beta and has now entered an Early Access Program for which you can sign up here. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to explore a beta of VMware’s upcoming cloud offering – vCloud Air

VMware Announces EVO:RAIL for the Software Defined Data Center

The much rumored “MARVIN” has manifested today as EVO:RAIL which represents VMware’s entry into the “Infrastructure In-A-Box” or hyper-converged market. Each “RAIL” consists of a block of four (4) x86 rack mount servers available from a list of partners, with

Optimization Defined Storage (Storage Trends Part 1)

Recently I found myself engaged in a discussion on Twitter with @DuncanYB , @vcdxnz001 and @bendiq regarding Software Defined Storage (SDS) when I realized that our definitions might be approaching the issue from slightly different perspectives.  Therefore I decided it

Uncovering Value and Opportunity with Utility Computing

These are exciting times. In today’s rapidly changing business climate and technology shifts, there are many new areas in which we can find value and opportunity. There are ways to change how we procure information technology, how we manage it,

A Tale of Two Clouds (The Hybrid Cloud Is The New Normal)

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the peak of inflated expectations, it was the trough of disillusionment, it was an epoch of unicorns and rainbows, it was an epoch of engineers and

Discussion: Is the Public Cloud Market Destined to Become An Oligopoly (like the airlines)?

At some point public IaaS offerings become a matter of cost and scale as consolidation and economic realities take over and opportunities to differentiate are reduced.  Gartner’s Magic Quardrant for IaaS currently ranks the top 15 IaaS players by market