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VMware vSphere 6 — What’s New?

vSphere 6 has been in public beta for several months now and this week at VMworld some of the new capabilities are now public. vSphere 6 remains in beta for a future release (sign up here!), but let’s take a

VMware Announces EVO:RAIL for the Software Defined Data Center

The much rumored “MARVIN” has manifested today as EVO:RAIL which represents VMware’s entry into the “Infrastructure In-A-Box” or hyper-converged market. Each “RAIL” consists of a block of four (4) x86 rack mount servers available from a list of partners, with

Get Excited for VMworld 2014!

It’s the season for VMworld and all of us are getting a bit excited. I’ve never been to VMworld (and won’t this year either) but I’m still quite excited about what this VMworld will bring. Why? I’m glad you asked.

VMworld Live Stream

Below is the feed for VMWare’s Community TV.  I know some VMWorld content will be streamed here, but I’m not sure at this point if the keynote (noon EST today) will be streamed here or not. Should the keynote not

Keeping Up with VMworld Remotely

Tech conferences are one of those things I’ve had mixed feelings about.  It is an awful lot of time and expense in the internet age to spend in order to be bombarded with marketing efforts.  However if I were to

It’s Christmas in August for VMware Customers

Some huge announcements were made at VMWorld today, many of which will be warmly received by VMware customers. I’m not referring to some of the great new features like the vSphere 5.1 web client, but things like new product entitlements,

VMware vSphere 5.1 Feature Preview

vSphere 5.1 might technically be a “minor” update, but just like vSphere 4.1 there are some very significant new features – many around increased scalability and improved operations.  I had the opportunity to spend a little bit of time with

Not going to VMworld? Register for VMware NOW on Monday August 27th

If you’re like me and unable to attend VMworld this year, you can still “virtually” attend the conference with on-demand access to keynotes, new product overviews, demos and more. I’m especially excited about this year’s VMworld as not only is there

The vExpert Program Just Rocks!

This week when I returned home I found a very nice gift package from VMware for the VMware vExpert Program which included a vExpert laptop bag, luggage tag and certificate.  This was a very nice gift from a wonderful program

WSJ: VMware to acquire Novell’s SUSE Linux division

Prior to VMworld, there had been rumors of a possible VMware-Novell deal in the works. Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal reported that VMware is indeed in talks to acquire Novell's SUSE Linux division, while remaining assets