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Optimization Defined Storage (Storage Trends Part 1)

Recently I found myself engaged in a discussion on Twitter with @DuncanYB , @vcdxnz001 and @bendiq regarding Software Defined Storage (SDS) when I realized that our definitions might be approaching the issue from slightly different perspectives.  Therefore I decided it

The Storage Hypervisor Part 3 — Storage Efficiency

In the first post in this series we discussed how ONTAP – the #1 storage platform in terms of revenue – is a storage hypervisor of sorts – providing benefits which parallel those provided by virtualization.  In the second post

The Storage Hypervisor Part 2 — Flash Pools

In Part 1 of this series we talked about how ONTAP could be seen as a storage hypervisor and how the benefits of this could mirror the benefits of a compute hypervisor like VMware vSphere.   The key ingredient is a

The Storage Hypervisor – Part 1

One of the keys – I think – to the benefits of cloud computing is abstraction. By abstracting our workloads from the boundaries of physical hardware we find ourselves able to do things and manage our resources in ways we

Virtual Machine Considerations For NetApp Storage

In our environment we’ve done something which at first glance might seem a bit unconventional to many.  We’ve consolidated all OS-based disks (VMDKs) on a dedicated set of datastores, and have done the same with application drives, page files and even

FlexPod In the Enterprise — GE and More

In a recent post I made the case that the FlexPod is not JUST an SMB solution for IaaS, but has been quite successful in the enterprise space as well.  Well it turns out that GE (General Electric) will be

What Is Converged Infrastructure? (a response to ZDNet)

Recently there was an article posted on ZDnet entitled "Converged Infrastructure vs Reference Architecture" which has collected a bit of attention and I wanted to add my thoughts regarding what I thought were some misleading conclusions.

The Stack Market: Vblock, FlexPod, VSPEX (and me)

I’ve written several times on this blog about converged infrastructure and a few recent events have compelled me to revisit the topic. These events include the launch of EMC’s VSPEX solution along with my decision to accept a new position