vConverter 5.0 Released: New V2P Capability

With all the benefits of virtualization, why would anyone want to go backwards and do a V2P conversion?  As it turns out there are a few cases where this may be desired.

Vizioncore just released vConverter 5.0 which adds support for Microsoft Hyper-V, but perhaps the most interesting feature is to perform a V2P conversion.

While moving “backwards” might seems counter intuitive let’s look at a few scenarios where a V2P may be helpful.

Let’s say you have a physical server that must remain as a physical server for some non-technical reason (process, executive order, etc.) and you want to test a major upgrade – such as a service pack or even an OS upgrade.  With virtual machines there are very effective ways to do this, but not for physical servers – until now…


The illustration above lays it all out.  You can do a P2V and test the upgrade on a VM.  When the upgrade has been certified on a VM, you can then use the V2P functionality to go back to a physical server. 

A second scenario would be disaster recovery.  While Vizioncore’s vReplicator can be used to provide DR capability for VM’s, this doesn’t extend to physical servers.  But you can use vConverter  to refresh a VM copy on a regular schedule and then use vReplicator to maintain a copy in the DR site.   Then you have the option of restoring the server in the DR site as either a VM or a physical server.

 Now for the disclaimer.  I haven’t attempted to use this V2P feature yet and I have to imagine that there may be some additional steps involved (drivers, monitoring agents, etc).  But to the extent that a V2P process can be created and executed, there are some interesting possibilities as noted above.

I’ll post more results when I have a chance to try it, but if anyone has any experiences to share using this feature, I’d love to hear about them!

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