Quest vFoglight 6.5 Released

In my current environment we use Quest vFoglight which I find to be a fairly strong tool for monitoring virtual infrastructures, for which version 6.5 was just released yesterday.

Chargeback?  Performance trends and reports?  Which VM’s are using the most disk/network/CPU/RAM?  Out-of-the-box alarms based on best practices?

vFoglight can do all of this and more.  In version 6.5 several new capabilities have been introduced including support for Hyper-V, custom views, improved FAQts and Event Remediation.

Event Remediation is something I’m familiar with from working with monitoring systems like HP Operations Manager in the past.  It’s automation in the form of “When event X happens, do Y”.

Quest has a post here which details an example of using the automatic event remediation feature on a VM memory alarm by automatically changing the memory limits to “unlimited”.

I will have a chance to work with vFoglight 6.5 when we upgrade to it as a part of Project Blue Sphere, and will post observations after having had the opportunity to work with it.

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