PBS: Upgrade to vSphere Enterprise Plus before 12/15! (updated)


Maish (Technodrome) and I went over the numbers and we both had to make some adjustments.  After issues like VM versus CPU licensing were accounted for, it appears that the benefit of the add-ins in the promotion comes out closer to $11K at list price.  Furthermore, if up to 3 orders are used the benefit can be tripled for a total of over $32K in savings.  This is a great way to start a VDI pilot and/or assess the value of Capacity IQ in your environment.

One of our first tasks in Project Blue Sphere will be to evaluate VMware’s current promotion for upgrades to vSphere Enterprise Plus which expires on 12/15/10.

The promotion includes the following incentives:

  • List price for Enterprise to Enterprise Plus upgrade dropped from $685 to $495 (about 28% off list).
  • 50 VMware View 4.5 Premier Licenses (virtual desktops) — includes ThinApp and vShield Endpoint and more.
  • vCenter Capacity IQ for 15 VMs

At list prices these VMware View and Capacity IQ licenses are worth over $10,500!  This is a great way to start a VDI pilot with VMware View and/or look at using CapacityIQ to keep storage (and costs) under control.

But we’re not quite done.  There’s also the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) promotion which if I am not mistaken, entitles the customer to one SLES license for each CPU upgraded.  SLES is the 2nd most popular enterprise Linux platform right behind Red Hat which can run Oracle and much more.  A patch subscription is included but technical support would have to be purchased separately through VMware.

And finally let’s not forget the benefits of Enterprise Plus itself which includes (over Enterprise):

  • 8-way SMP for VMs
  • Virtual Distributed Switch (vDS)
  • Network vMotion (important for web servers)
  • Storage I/O Control and Network I/O Control
  • Load Based Teaming
  • Host Profiles
  • Native SAN Multipathing (NMP) on supported SANs

So to wrap it all up you get the following if you order before 12/15:

  • Enterprise to Enterprise Plus Upgrade at ~28% discount ($495 per CPU from $685).
  • 50 Licenses of VMware View 4.5 Premier with ThinApp and vShield Endpoint (+1 year S&S)
  • 15 Licenses of Capacity IQ (+1 year S&S)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for each CPU upgraded

We’ll be making our case to management and if you’re still at Enterprise you should consider the same!  Promotions also exist for Standard and Advanced but needless to say the cost goes up accordingly.

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  1. Thanks for helping out with the numbers.

    I hope I did not hijack your post…

    • Kevin says:

      Not at all! We both blogged about the same thing and then helped each other out. A team effort and thanks again for your insights.

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