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I have a dilemma.  I find myself getting more and more interested in exploring specifics of value in the private cloud, and linkages with organizational management and more and I’m self-teaching myself must of this in my free time (no, my job is not in the clouds).

So far I’ve noticed that my Agility series is among the least viewed pages on my site and this could be for any number of reasons ranging from interest levels to content quality and more.  Those posts were intentionally written to include a target audience of organizations which may still be in the early stages of exploring either virtualization itself or the private cloud.  In the world I live in, even x86 virtualization still has to be sold, let alone understanding value in the private cloud.

As I’ve been learning more about cloud computing (which I barely understood 7 months ago) I find myself wanting to explore some of these elements in more detail, but I have reason to question the interest level.   I know that there is strong interest in integrated stacks not just from Twitter conversations, but also from my interview with EMC’s Chad Sakac, and I’d like to explore the stack value proposition in what I think are some interesting ways.

So what do you say?  Fill out the poll below and you may just influence my approach 🙂

Should Blue Shift focus more on exploring the value proposition of the private cloud, or jump ahead to vCloud and integrated stacks?

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