Blue Shift is Downshifting

The next few months will likely be very quiet for me blogging-wise.  There are several obstacles but perhaps the biggest is that I will continue to have very little opportunity (if any) to work with virtualization ( let alone cloud concepts), or even storage over the next quarter or two.  Another obstacle is that our third child is due over the next 8 weeks and our housing situation is a challenge (to put it mildly) so some effort is required towards making a semi-effective environment.  And this doesn’t even include the 2 electives I have remaining to complete my MBA.  In order to either read or write about virtualization or cloud I basically have to “steal” time from somewhere.

I really want to do a lot more posts in the Agility series, talk about the Vblock, talk about clouds and value and much more.  As excited as I am to share some examples of value with integrated stacks like the Vblock, I’m even more frustrated at my inability to find time to write them.   Perhaps I’ll get lucky and I’ll find some time here and there to crank out a few posts.  While my blogging activity may decrease, I”ll still be on Twitter bringing attention to articles I find of interest and other random thoughts 🙂

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