Coming Soon…

I haven’t posted in some time (not for a lack of topics/ideas) so I thought I’d offer a quick update…

Sometimes I find myself sharing information via Twitter rather than taking the time to blog about it, but sometimes more than 140 characters is needed to make a point or two ūüôā

One reason for the pause is time — with a newborn still needing near constant attention and other events — it’s been difficult to find the time as of late and I hope that as we get into July this will improve.

A second reason, is the nature of my work. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with VMware products for some time but that’s about to change as well. ¬† We will be upgrading from ESX 3.5 to vSphere 4.1 and in the process we will be addressing many things including:

  • New vSphere¬†architecture
  • Optimize Backups and integration with 3rd party systems
  • vCenter Heartbeat
  • IBM SVC integration (VAAI and vCenter Plug-In)
  • Opportunities¬†for automation and much more…

As time allows, I hope to have the opportunity to share observations and lessons learned from these activities which I expect to begin in earnest in July.

Also I have not finished posting on Agility and the value of converged stacks and I hope to be able to continue that if time allows. ¬†Also coming soon is my daughter’s Make-A-Wish story which I really hope to be able to finish and post this month yet.

So hopefully things will slowly pick up here as the summer progresses…

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