Got VDI? Check Out The Free Online VMware View Bootcamp On July 19!

For many IT shops, VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is their first step in their private cloud journey.   Automation, on-demand provisioning, access by mobile devices —  VDI has it all while providing profound benefits to the enterprise over the traditional physical desktop provisioning and management model.

For a while many felt that Citrix was the only game in town, but that changed with the release of VMware View 4 which included the PCoIP protocol.  Today Citrix and VMware View are roughly equal in VDI market share, but they may not be as equal in their architectures.

In fact, VMware View is so well integrated with the vSphere platform that VMware has produced a series of videos to illustrate the big differences in management overhead and complexity.  The video below demonstrates how creating a master image can be done in 16 seconds using VMware View, but it takes nearly 16 minutes using Citrix Xen Server.


There are 3 more videos in this View vs. Xen series which can be seen here on VMware View’s YouTube channel.


If you haven’t heard VMware is making some kind of big announcement on July 12.

VMware clearly expects some of their new announcements to increase interest in their VMware View VDI solution and will be offering a free online bootcamp starting on July 19, with a new video seminar to be released each day.

You can preview the videos and register for the bootcamp here.  Enjoy the View!

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