Happy Birthday John!

Today is John Troyer’s ( @jtroyer) birthday and he deserves a huge round of thanks from the VMware community that he has spent so much effort developing and promoting. Being a freshman vExpert, I’ve already developed a greater appreciation of his tireless efforts for the community. In fact I probably wouldn’t have had the vExpert opportunity if John hadn’t taken the time to respond to me and review my blog when was just starting out.

So many in the community (vExpert or not) tremendously appreciate John’s efforts – from podcasts, to events, to just providing guidance and direction for the VMware community. This community is incredibly impassioned and engaged and John’s efforts have a great deal to do with that.

I’m really excited about working with the vExpert community this coming year and everything John organizes around it. Thanks for all you do John and have a great birthday!

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