RUMOR: vSphere 5 Licensing May Be Updated — 96GB per CPU with Ent. Plus

UPDATE:  CRN has quoted sources adding more weight to these rumors.  Will link to official announcement when available.

Rumors are circulating that VMware may be changing their vSphere 5 licensing scheme .  (My original post on the topic is here).  The vSphere 5 terms were just modified a few days ago for the Service Provider program, so this would not be completely unexpected.

Gabe at Gabe’s Virtual World has a post that details the rumor and I hope he won’t mind if I quickly cut and paste the changes as he has documented:

  • VMware vSphere 5 Essentials will give a 24GB vRAM entitlement
  • VMware vSphere 5 Essentials Plus will give a 32GB vRAM entitlement
  • Max vRAM in Essentials / Essentials Plus will be maxed at 192GB vRAM
  • VMware vSphere 5 Standard vRAM entitlement has changed to 32GB ( <- my assumption)
  • VMware vSphere 5 Enterprise vRAM entitlement will be doubled to 64GB
  • VMware vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus vRAM entitlement will be doubled to 96GB

If the rumor turns out to be true, this means that with 96GB per CPU of Enterprise Plus, you can now allocate (not just provision) 192GB of VRAM per each  2-CPU (socket) host.

Another part of the rumor is that the maximum VRAM allocation that can be consumed by a single VM is capped at 96GB!  This would mean that if you deploy a “Monster VM” with 1TB of RAM for example, only 96GB will count against your VRAM license!

This would have big implications for large DB tiers for example.  Consider Chad Sakac’s recent (and excellent post) about virtualizing large Oracle DB tiers on vSphere 5.  This makes it even more compelling to move away from those high-cost and proprietary platforms, to extend the benefits of virtualization — and hopefully cloud computing concepts — to those large DB tiers.

This would be a welcome change which should largely remove licensing concerns as an obstacle to vSphere 5 adoption.

2 Responses to RUMOR: vSphere 5 Licensing May Be Updated — 96GB per CPU with Ent. Plus

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  2. Clueshell says:

    They should make a vRAM only license for 15 USD per 4 GB increment and lower the base vCPU edition prices.

    If the model stays we’d need 2 or worse 6 more of the standard licenses just because our 2way rack machine has 144 gig ram.


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