vSphere 5 has gone GA — Download it Now!

VMware vSphere 5 has been released and is available immediately for download!  This is a very exciting release in vSphere’s evolution which will increase the scope of what can be virtualized as well as how efficiently these workloads perform and are managed.

For more info on getting started with vSphere 5, check out this post from the VMware Support Insider.

You can download vSphere 5 here, and also access the vSphere 5 online documentation here.

As for new vSphere 5 features, many Planetv12n bloggers have made excellent and detailed posts on the new vSphere 5 features, especially Duncan Epping at Yellow Bricks.  I haven’t gotten around to blogging on vSphere 5 yet as I have a backlog of other posts, but I downloaded it last night and hope to be able to work with it over the next few weeks and share some observations.

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