Virtualization Is Not The Problem (Part 2)

I was reading Jase McCarty’s post about his experiences with virtualiztion being wrongfully attributed as the problem and I wanted to expand on this and include my own experiences.

The bottom line is that when a new layer has been added (i.e. virtualization) it’s very easy and convenient to say “virtualization is the problem” and this perception –fair or not — is often manifested.  Now it’s very easy for problems to exist within the virtualization layer, but that’s quite different from saying that the problem IS virtualization.  Virtualization has come a long way  and can deliver exceptional performance in many conditions (check out the performance category for examples).

Infrastructure can be complex at times and an improperly tuned infrastructure can easily create the perception that virtualization is the problem.

One example I experienced was when the storage infrastructure did not meet the specifications that were requested. Due to caching and I/O patterns the problem was not easily identified, but it led to developing the perception in many that virtualization was not capable of supporting “demanding” workloads.  This was one of the first few posts I wrote back when my blog had only 3 loyal followers 🙂

Here’s the post:  Blue Shift:  Why Storage is Essential to Virtualized Environments (Part 1)

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