Virtualization Myths and Realities

One of my several motivations for this blog was to debunk myths that served as barriers to the adoption of virtualization.  EVERY time I was given the opportunity to move beyond fears and demonstrate what could be done with virtualization, it was a complete success, and several would say “I really didn’t think it was going to work, but it did!”.

I’ve made several posts on this blog on that very theme, and so I also wanted to share this info-graphic created by VMware and EMC using data from IDC.  Often I’m inherently skeptical that the numbers in info-graphics might be inflated, but based on my experiences I have a lot less reasons to doubt these numbers.

While virtualization is not inherently de facto cloud computing, I believe that it can be a key ingredient to achieving efficiencies and agility which can transform how both business and IT get done.


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  1. Sonya76 says:

    It’s amazing how myth can just be repeated online and i the press until it becomes the accepted reality and no one questions it any more.

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