Blue Shift Is Now 100% Open Source!

Blue Shift is now open source!

I am pleased to announce that Blue Shift as an online hosted service is now 100% open source!  We here at Blue Shift are excited that this move will empower our brand, reduce costs, and allow us to provide a better service to you all while opening up our broader vision to the community.

As other Internet pioneers have done, anyone can now access our HTML source code and improve it!  We invite developers to look at our source code and find ways to improve it and improve our community.  After all, you don’t want to use a hosted service that’s not “open”, do you?


Vendor lock-in can be a big concern and we see our commitment to open source and open principles as a solution to this threat.  If you were building a house, you wouldn’t want to limit yourself to only Andersen windows and Kohler plumbing, would you?  Vendor lock-in can be scary!  Instead of relying on a single solution and single point of support we will be leveraging a myriad of community based tools to make sure our service remains as “open” as possible!”

We are excited about being able to slap the “100% Open Source” and “100% Cloud Powered” logos on our site and you should be just as excited as we are!


This isn’t what you wanted?  Maybe what you really wanted instead of an “open” cloud infrastructure was a reliable foundation that you could effectively control along with open APIs that others can tap into and leverage in order to improve and extend the solution?  And maybe even have seamless portability between clouds?

NOTE:  This is not a rant against open source per se – most of us are familiar with the value of LAMP stacks and more for example.  But when it comes to IaaS/PaaS, exactly what kind of “open” do we really want and need?

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