VMware Making Bold and Strategic Moves

This month VMware announced two acquisitions – Dynamics Ops and Nicria—the latter being a $1.26 Billion acquisition.  These are bold and strategic moves which I think tell us a lot about where both VMware and the IT world are heading.

First let’s take a look at cloud management.  I touched on part of the issue in “Enter The Hybrid Cloud” – increasingly organizations are leveraging cloud compting and services but still have a need/requirement for internal or private cloud.  We see large companies like GM pulling back from outsourcing and concerns in several orgs about a “pure” public cloud, but still wanting to leverage public cloud as a tactical solution.  How do organizations enforce governance and consistency across these disparate clouds?  Dynamic Ops is a huge piece of the puzzle and greatly expands VMware’s ability to promote their vision and provide effective management for private and hybrid clouds.

Nicria is a huge acquisition — $1.26 billion for a solution that is first now just hitting the market – SDN or Software Defined Networking.  SDN at a high level is essentially abstracting the network stack from networking hardware, much as VMware has done for server hardware.  Networking functions of switches and routers become abstracted from the traditional network hardware model.   In “What Really Is Could Computing?” I discussed how (I think) abstraction is a key to the efficiencies of cloud computing by providing an abstraction layer from which you can orchestrate and manage.  Imagine if we can provision networks through an abstraction layer and combine with VXLAN, and combine with cloud orchestration across the rest of the stack?  This has big implications for everything from how we provision, manage and even how we think about DR scenarios.

There are many possibilities here and both speak very well to VMware’s vision of the “Software Defined Datacenter”.  Once you abstract servers, storage and networking you can orchestrate, and VMware just picked up two companies that could be key to such a vision.   I think that both acquisitions are excellent strategic moves by VMware which tell us much about VMware’s vision and I think there is much for customers to be excited about as well.

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