What the heck is Twitter (and why would I want it)?

What the heck is Twitter (and why would I want it)?

I’m not interested in what Lady GaGa or Kanye West are doing nor am I interested in hearing about mundane moments of people’s lives such as the texture of their scrambled eggs earlier this morning.  There’s also the infamous “Cisco fatty” who lost a potential job on Twitter, and if you live in Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela, using Twitter can get you thrown in jail!  My feelings to Facebook were roughly similar as well.

I read a few business articles about the value of Twitter earlier this year and I started to envision some potential.  But I didn’t really “get it” until I broke down and created my first Twitter account (BlueShiftBlog) last week and later discovered TweetDeck.  While there still is considerable debate on how to use Twitter for marketing, Harvard and Columbia Business schools have added courses on social media within their MBA programs.  And just look at all the articles at Harvard Business Review about Twitter!

Marketing of course is just one angle to social networking.  Twitter is a great tool for networking and finding people who share a similar interest, profession or even hobby.   You can also learn a great deal about a market and/or competitors (today we learned via a tweet that Mark Russinovich of Winternals fame, has joined Microsoft’s Azure (cloud) team).  I used to rely on RSS aggregators to keep up to date with content I was interested in, but Twitter can often take this concept even further in many cases.  I’m still learning twitter and am still figuring out some basic things (including figuring out what that “#” symbol means 🙂 )

In any case Blue Shift is on Twitter as BlueShiftBlog.  Not only will new posts be tweeted, but some news items that may not be blog worthy will be tweeted and not posted here.  If you use Twitter, check us out.  If you don’t use Twitter…try it!

As for Facebook, I don’t fully have Facebook integration working yet and I’ll add I’ll get around to fixing that in the coming weeks.

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