POLL: Should Microsoft have a separate OS for mobile devices?

Windows 8 has been released to mixed reviews.  The general consensus seems to be that the Windows 8 UI works well for touch devices, but is a deterrent to businesses who rely on the traditional keyboard and mouse interfaces.

Microsoft’s lead Windows Engineer, Steven Sinofsky resigned from Microsoft just weeks after the Windows 8 launch.  While some may assume this to be an admission of failure, it should also be noted that some say Sinofsky did not work well with other teams and created a “toxic environment”.

Did Microsoft make the right design choices?  Clearly there is some benefit in a consistent UI across all platforms which enables mobile computing and touch interfaces, but at what cost?  Apple for example has different operating systems for the traditional computer (OSX) and for mobile devices (iOS).

What do you think?  Vote in the poll below and then share your comments below.  If time allows I’ll be adding my own thoughts about Windows 8 and the UI experience in a future post.

Should Microsoft have made a separate OS and UI for mobile devices?

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