vCenter Operations Foundation Available to vSphere Owners

As a part of the release of vCenter Operations Manager 5.6 (a.k.a. vCOPS) a new Foundation edition has been made available to all vSphere owners.  This is a great opportunity to become familiar with the capabilities of vCOPS to monitor trends and proactively alert you to risks you may not have been aware of.  How many of us have gotten burned by an unanticipated capacity limit – either CPU, memory or storage?

The new Foundation edition of vCOPS now appears as one of the vSphere downloads right next to ESXi and vCenter Server as illustrated below.

The Foundation edition does give you some useful information on vSphere health and trends, but if you want to start looking into capacity management and trending for example, or even chargeback, root cause analysis or OS management, you’ll want to look at upgrading to a higher edition.  A detailed breakdown of the available features by definition is available here.

For those that are already using vCOPS, the 5.6 release adds new features including vSphere Web Client integration, improved capacity analysis and more (see what’s new in release notes here).

If you own vSphere, what are you waiting for?  Start with vCenter Operations Manager Foundation and begin gaining insights into the health and trends of your vSphere virtual infrastructure.  For a breakdown of the new versions and entitlements, see the chart below:

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