Installing Windows Server 2012 from ISO on ESXi 5.1

UPDATE:  It seems that one host in this vSphere 5.1 cluster was running ESX 5.0 which may have been causing the issues I experienced.  However, this approach may be helpful in similar environments where not all hosts are running 5.1.

Just a quick note on something I ran into.  I was installing 2012 Server from ISO in order to make a VM template.  I configured the VM (on ESXi 5.1) for Windows Server 2012, but after the first reboot I would get nothing but the spinning white dot-circle and high CPU on the VM.

I deleted the VM, and made a new one — this time changing the firmware from BIOS to EFI (options tab and select “Boot Options” on VM properties) and this fixed the problem and allowed me to complete the install.  Not sure if there is a KB for this, but this seems to be an effective workaround.



4 Responses to Installing Windows Server 2012 from ISO on ESXi 5.1

  1. Van Loggins says:

    I ran into a similar issue, but the way I finally was able to resolve it was to power the guest down, and go into the settings and change it from windows server 8 64-bit to windows server 2008 R2 64-bit.

    I was then able to get the server to FINALLY boot past the spinning circle and it started detecting the hardware, etc. then finished the install.

    This was on a vmware ESXi 5.0 host running in a vsphere HA cluster with 3 other hosts.

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  3. Keith R says:

    Had this same issue and changing the server type to 2008R2 64-bit fixed it for me. This is on vSphere 5.1 U1. Thanks for the blog post and thanks Van Loggins for the suggestion!

  4. Sre says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. That worked!!

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