VMware vExpert 2013

I’m honored to join the ranks of the vExpert community for the 3rd consecutive year, which has now grown to a thriving 581 members.  I wanted to take a brief moment to share a few thoughts about the program.


What does it take to build such a community?  In the earlier part of my career I was an MCSE jumping on planes every week to work on Active Directory and Windows Server technologies.  The Microsoft MVP program has been around for a long time, and is still highly regarded, but I honestly don’t recall either then or now seeing the level of community and participation (and least from my vantage point) that the dynamic vExpert program displays.  I find this to be an interesting comparison.  To build such a strong vibrant community you have to have several ingredients including:

  • Technology that excites people — provides real value and solutions and is never standing still (i.e. Novell NetWare) and constantly improving and evolving.
  • A strong group of dynamic professionals to teach, lead, share and evangelize the solutions, methods and benefits.
  • and certainly not least — a strong leadership team at the core to bring together the community, develop and advance it.

The vExpert community is a special group for which I’ve seen no equal in the industry.  Great people and great solutions all around.


vExperts get some benefits including NFR licenses for their home labs and access to beta programs.  This year a number of vendors are contributing benefits ranging from clothing, to training from TrainSignal  to product licenses.  A full list of offerings has been compiled at the vInfrastructure blog.


It is with a level of discomfort that I accept the vExpert 2013 award.  This award is based on 2012 activity, but for most of this year (2013) I would rate my community contribution as poor.  The biggest reason for this is time — I have plenty of ideas for blog posts on all manner of topics from general cloud, to VMWare and much more but I’ve been burning the candle at both ends lately (which makes the year go by fast).   Additionally I’ve only been working on VMware and cloud specific technologies a small fraction now so that I’m not getting the exposure that I used to in these areas.

I know I have many more contributions in me for the community but with the current demands of both work and family I’m not sure how many of them I’ll get to,  but I am confident that to the extent I can find the time I have plenty more contributions to make.

Congrats to all the vExperts out there and big thanks the community and it’s leaders (you know who are are!) for all that you do!

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