Keeping Up with VMworld Remotely

Tech conferences are one of those things I’ve had mixed feelings about.  It is an awful lot of time and expense in the internet age to spend in order to be bombarded with marketing efforts.  However if I were to make an exception it might be for VMworld for several reasons.

9290d377-259c-4984-b20a-7592cf0f4533The technical breakout sessions look fantastic (and it’s hard to find the time to review the recorded sessions later) and it would be great to see what techniques and solutions are being successfully leveraged and how.  What are others doing for DR, cloud scenarios, automation and more?  What works what doesn’t?  What should I be bringing to market and how?  I’m sure there’s many side conversations beyond the keynotes that would be fascinating and instructive to hear.

On top of this I find it interesting that the theme for VMworld is “Defy Convention”.  At first this strikes one as curious because virtualization has already transitioned from being an outside disruptive technology to being a mainstreamed commodity.  I think it may have something to do with the following three areas which I expect to be a big theme this year:

  • Software Defined Networking (NSX and more)
  • Software Defined Storage (many vendors and new VSAN offering)
  • VMware Hybrid Cloud Service

All of these three are related and are also highly disruptive to what is “safe” and/or “normal” in many IT shops even where compute virtualization is used.

I’m extremely interested in many of the technical and even philosophical questions among these three areas and I’d love to follow the conversation here in the detail that it will be at the conference, but if you won’t be attending VMworld like me how do you stay current with all of the discussions?

I’ve never been to VMworld but I suspect there’s no substitute for being there and engaged in the conversations (I “know” so many people on social media I wish I could get the chance to meet them) but there’s still other ways to stay current on some of the conversations.


Some of the keynotes will be live streamed along with other events (a full broadcast schedule is available here ).  I’m going to try to live stream some of the keynotes but I’m sure I won’t be able to give it my full attention.  Fortunately the keynote presentations are often posted as a recording if not that same night, they should be online by the next morning.

UPDATE:  Make sure you sign up at VMware NOW for Monday’s live events.

Also be sure to check out the vBrownbag live stream here (Thanks Cody!) :


Twitter is a great tool to observe and participate in those conversations which might be taking place online.  Search for the #vmworld hashtag and also setup columns in TweetDeck (or whatever you use) for areas you might be interested such as “SDN” and more.

I’ll be trying to share conversations and tweets that I find interesting to my Twitter feed but make sure you follow the small army of vExperts and professionals who will be contributing to social media.  For more information on who and what to follow on Twitter, visit


I expect that there will be a great deal of blogging to capture in more detail some of the activity, including deep dives into new product offerings.  There is a small army of VMworld blogger contributors (including this one) which will be aggregated right there.  Just follow the feed on occasion and find the blog posts that interest you.


The technical breakout sessions are recorded and are usually posted a few weeks after VMWorld.  You do have to have a subscription however (included with admission) to view the recordings.

I’m sure attending VMworld is a great experience and while it would be ideal to be there in person, you can still follow a good portion of the conversation from wherever you are.

Looking forwarding to some great announcements and knowledge sharing this year!

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