Good reasons to upgrade to Windows 2008 R2

Many companies don’t make upgrading from older OS versions a priority.  These servers are performing adequately such that they are not squeaking more loudly than the other wheels.  Sometimes this is cost-effective but the hidden costs are not always considered.

Paul Thurrott on his SuperSite for Windows quotes Microsoft Product Manager, Ward Ralston:

Windows Server 2003 is a power hungry, non-virtualized, x86 world….It’s the classic server sprawl problem. Newer versions of Windows Server are just so much more efficient.

That’s absolutely true and there are even more reasons:

  • Windows 2000 is officially end of life.  It is unsupported and there are no more security updates making it a security liability.
  • Windows 2003 just hit extended support status as of July 2010 which means that no new development is being performed, and leaves organizations with 5 years to migrate to something newer.

Also there’s the disk alignment problem which is discussed in detail in an earlier post.  Windows 2008 solves this problem as well, improving disk performance.

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