A Look Back at 2013 – Blog and Personal Notes

Looking back on 2013 my level of blogging as well as my participation effort (especially as a three-year vExpert) is far below where I would have liked it to be.  It seems to me that there’s two simple reasons for this.


I don’t get much exposure to the latest technology.  In fact virtualization and “cloud” (much to my dismay) have very little to do with my primary job such that I spend less than 10% of my time in this space.  Most of my blog posts and tweets are not the result of hands-on experience but rather theory and observations based on what I can read in my spare time. I have almost no access to training as there’s always too much work to be done and to little budget (one reason I don’t even have VCP certification).

That’s not to say I have no exposure at all.  I do work with several Fortune 500 companies and I have insights in the inner workings of several organizations as well as my own.  I’ve also recently had the opportunity to work with PernixData’s FVP product for accelerating storage I/O operations which I will review here at some point.


This seems to be the biggest problem.  Because of events put in motion as a result of my daughter’s medical history I need to work two jobs to make ends meet (and they still don’t always meet).  For the past quarter I’ve been working between 70-80 hours most weeks and working every weekend.

On top of this I’m trying to raise three children in what is a rather unusual and perhaps extreme housing situation.  Things like sleep, exercise and hobbies are luxuries.  I played soccer in college and to be so out of shape feels very alien and uncomfortable.

As anyone knows you reach you peak performance with sleep, exercise and time for creative outlets, but there’s just very little of that available.  I could pen a litany of grievances, but the simple truth is that the alternative is my daughter wouldn’t be with us today.  I keep reminding myself of what I DO have and focus on the essentials I need to do for both them and myself. (In the 20 minutes I took to pen this I’ve already been told I shouldn’t be doing this on New Year’s Day 🙂


There are several blog posts I’ve written in my head over the past 6 months but haven’t had time to write them.  I wanted to do a post VMworld whiteboard as well as a look at the storage market and trends and also SDN as well.  There’s a wave of disruption ready to be unleashed in the IT world in 2014.

I expect that 2013 was my last year as a vExpert (my lack of activity) but I still am a big fan of VMWare and am excited to see where they continue to evolve and add value with VSAN, NSX, management tools and more.  As it requires less time, I tend to tweet more than I blog, but  its just not the same as laying out your thoughts in a more detailed and reasoned approach in a blog post for example.  I do hope to write and tweet at a more active level  about this space as time allows.

My personal goals are many but I must temper them with the time and resources I have.  There’s a book (non-technical) that I’ve been wanting to write for over a decade, but that would take  a year or more when I’m still struggling with exercise and sleep.  At the same time I’m 44 and running out of time to do anything with my life.  In many ways I still feel like I’m trying to start a career as well as looking to actually do something with the thoughts in my head

If nothing else 2014 is a blank slate and I’m excited about some new changes I anticipate in the industry and I hope that I am able to contribute and share in 2014 at a higher level than I’ve been able to this year.

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  1. Eric Wright says:

    This post is a reminder of how precious things are, and that life sometimes has its own plan that may not match with ours. Your dedication to your daughter and your family by far outweigh the value of even the best blog or the best book by anyone. Don’t ever doubt the importance of what you’re doing.

    Keep doing what you do, and that book will come to be. The community is here to help, so never be afraid to reach out. Your contribution is always valuable.

    Here’s to a positive turn in 2014 and great things ahead.

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