Monitoring Storage Elements with LSI Controllers in ESXi

Cisco UCS servers have made quite an impact in the market and are currently #1 in blades.  Most UCS Servers don’t use any local storage beyond maybe booting ESXi from an SD card.  But what if you had a use case where you needed to use direct attached storage? Not a common use case today, but VMware VSAN is likely to change that.

The problem I encountered is that ESXi in UCS servers would not report health for storage elements to ESXi.  Cisco UCS servers use LSI controllers and we were completely blind to events like a hard drive failure, RAID rebuild, predictive failure and so forth. The use case here was a single UCS-C server with direct-attached storage which hasn’t been a common use case until just now with VMware VSAN.

Using different combinations of drivers blessed by VMware and Cisco I was unable to get physical drive and controller health to report in ESXi. I did my due diligience on a few Google searches but was unable to find any solution.

Then I went on the LSI website to look at the available downloads and something caught my eye — an SMI-S provider for VMware. I remembered that SMI-S is basically CIM, which is what ESXi uses to collect health information. This is a separate VIB that is independent of the megaraid_sas driver in ESXi.  With the SMI-S provider installed in ESXi suddenly I could see all the things that were missing in the health section such as:

  • Controller health
  • Battery health
  • Physical drive health
  • Logical drive health

Screenshot_50Basically the moral of the story is this — if you have an LSI array controller (common in UCS-C) then you’ll need to follow these steps to get health monitoring on your storage elements:

1) Go to LSI’s website and download the current SMI-S provider for VMware for your card.

2) Upload the VIB file to a VMFS datastore

3) From an SSH shell type “esxcli software vib install -v [full path to vib file]”

4) Reboot

I’m not clear on why this capability is not exposed by the driver, but it seems for the time being that installing this additional VIB is required to get ESXi to monitor the health of storage elements on LSI controllers.

Hope some will find this valuable.

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