Backup Agents Are Dead

Well almost.  Within the virtualized datacenter, and especially with vSphere’s VADP, there’s so many reasons to move away from the old-school backup agent model.

Kendrick Coleman listed his Top 10 reasons backup agents are dead and I couldn’t agree more.  I’ll even add a few reasons like licensing, cost of ownership (ROI), scalability and DR-readiness.

Virtualization is a disruptive technology and that disruption is starting to grow in the backup space as the traditional model is increasingly tested.  These new backup technologies can often provide second wave ROI benefits in many cases.

Over the next week I’ll be making a series of posts which will cover the following:

  • A review of the vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP) and its benefits
  • An overview of several backup solutions and strategies
  • A look at some new and just announced capabilities from 3rd parties
  • Some architectural design challenges

There are some exciting new backup capabilities recently released, and others coming soon, that can really change how backups – and a bit of DR — are approached in the virtual datacenter.

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