Get Excited for VMworld 2014!


Captain Picard can’t contain his enthusiasm for VMworld 2014

It’s the season for VMworld and all of us are getting a bit excited. I’ve never been to VMworld (and won’t this year either) but I’m still quite excited about what this VMworld will bring. Why? I’m glad you asked.

The two big reasons are what’s going to be announced/revealed as well as all the great ways to follow VMworld remotely (I’m am expert at this now!). My mind is already racing about designs, use cases and planning around deploying several elements that these new capabilities we expect to be announced.

vSphere 6

This is all under NDA so we can’t talk about all the exciting new capabilities just yet, but if you’ve participated in the vSphere 6 beta you know that there’s some pretty major features we can expect to be announced here and possibly a surprise or two yet. One of the features we do know a bit about are….


vVOLS aren’t really a new concept as it was introduced at VMworld 2012 as a preview of where VMware would be going with storage. Over two years in the making and now with the overwhelming support of VMware’s storage partners (EMC, NetApp, Nimble Storage and more) vVols are poised to make a big splash. More on this after the embargo is lifted but here’s some available content from VMware on vVols until then.


Call it hyperscale, scale-out, or software defined (all of these work) but we are basically talking about modular hardware sold as single units which can be enjoined to form large pools of vSphere infrastructure. We’re not just talking about vSphere here, but also software defined storage (i.e. VSAN) and possibly SDN as well (i.e. NSX). Nutanix is one vendor who already sells hardware based on this model and quite successfully.

There’s been rumors all summer about VMware offering such a single box model which has so far been named MARVIN, Magic and Mystic if I’m not mistaken. Now we’ll get a chance to see the details behind what may be VMware’s entry into the hardware market. Also I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see some other big names making similar moves in this new and growing space.

PernixData FVP 2.0

I posted on PernixData FVP 1.5 here (which won “Best New Product” at VMworld 2013 and 2.0 will be a big jump with some exciting features – including the ability to use memory on your ESXi hosts as an acceleration tier (read cache and clustered write offloading).

PernixData is planning on having a big presence at VMworld this year – be sure to check them out

vCloud Air

Today VMware announced the re-branding of vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) as vCloud Air and also introduced some new vCloud Air pricing calculators. I think VMware has a growing story here with their public cloud offering and it’s integration with vSphere based on-prem private clouds.

A growing differentiation point with cloud providers is services on top of the stack and VMware recently introduced disaster recovery a few months ago. I hope to see some enhancements and possibly even new services and/or pricing options announced at VMworld.


Sessions are a huge part of the value of VMworld. These sessions are recorded and (in time) are made available for on-demand playback (access required). Duncan Epping has taken the time to highlight some of this year’s “must attend” VMworld sessions here.

Keeping Up Remotely

Like I said I’m an expert on this. Several of the general sessions will be available via live stream and there’s twitter and bloggers as well. It’s not the same as being there but it’s not hard to keep up with some of the details and big news either.

All the details on VMworld social media from hashtags to bloggers and more are available here. Also don’t forget the official VMworld app and the live stream of the general sessions.

Looking forward to a great VMworld and some exciting new solutions and offerings that will help us solve problems, fill gaps and create value. Have an enjoyable and safe VMworld whether your attending in person or remotely!

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