VMware Announces EVO:RAIL for the Software Defined Data Center

VMW-LOGO-EVO-Rail-108-300x278The much rumored “MARVIN” has manifested today as EVO:RAIL which represents VMware’s entry into the “Infrastructure In-A-Box” or hyper-converged market.

Each “RAIL” consists of a block of four (4) x86 rack mount servers available from a list of partners, with VMware vSphere and VSAN. Because EVO can scale this solution will likely find acceptance in both branch offices as well as some larger scale-out designs – all with an HTML5 front end. Customers can now simply procure virtualization infrastructure — including storage — by purchasing multiple “RAILs” as needed for scale


“Shall we dance?”

This is a truly a software defined infrastructure solution which enables IT shops to procure infrastructure through a single vendor and scale-out as needed. Nutanix was the first to find success with this business model, and others will be sure to follow (also see Cisco and Simplivity) . I expect that this will be an increasingly popular (and disruptive) trend in the marketplace.

Also EVO RACK will be announced as being in the tech preview stage which will be intended to scale to multiple server racks of SDDC infrastructure.


More details will be announced later in the day, but for now be sure to check out Duncan Epping’s announcement post as well as VMware’s EVO:RAILS site for more details.

UPDATE:  Also see VMware CTO Chris Wolf’s announcement post on EVO RAIL here.vmw-evo-rail-screen-2

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