Slowly getting back to normal

My schedule has been a bit irregular as of late as I’ve been living in a hospital for the past 5 weeks.  My daughter has just been released following major surgery and is on a stable trajectory back at home.  Over the next week I hope to return to a more “normal” schedule.

I have more ideas for posts right now than I have time to write, but I’ll be focusing on family over the next few days so I’ll probably only have a handful of updates this week.  I also have to break out my P90X DVD’s to work off the effects of being in a hospital for 5 straight weeks 🙂

In the future you can look for a series on backups as well as a series of posts on candidate servers for virtualization, which I may just entitle “You can’t virtualize that!” (you can guess what my response will be 🙂 )

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