Gestalt IT VMWorld Winners Annoucned

Gestalt IT announced the two winners of the VMWorld constest.  This is a great opportunity for them to share the knowledge they will obtain at VMWorld with a wider audience.  Take a moment to follow them so that you can track their updates from VMWorld and more.

Luigi Danakos

Luigi is becoming more and more well-known in technical circles, tweeting as @NerdBlurt and blogging under that name as well. He promises to blog more content focused on VMware beginners, as well as kickstarting a program for techies to give back to children in need. We’ll let him explain that part on his blog!

Allan Ruiz

Allan noted the lack of Spanish-language VMware content and Central-American community, and has promised to fill this gap. He tweets as @AllRuiz. We look forward to hearing all Allan is able to bring home from VMworld!

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