vSphere 6 (and VSAN 6) Now Available

The wait is over.  You can now download vSphere 6 and VSAN 6 from VMware.com.  I’ve written about the great features in vSphere 6 here and a lot of people are anxious to upgrade to start realizing the benefits of the new capabilities,  but hold on….before you do there’s some things you should probably review first.

First of all you’ll want to review this KB article which details compatibility considerations, upgrade considerations and much more.

If you’re using vCNS (vCloud Networking and Security) you will most definitely want to be reading this KB article before you start even making plans to upgrade.

You’ll also want to check out the vSphere HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) to see if things like your processors or your storage array will support vSphere 6.  The HCL even goes into specifics like VAAI primitives to show you which features are supported with which firmware releases on your storage array.  Also note that many storage arrays will support ESXi 6.0 with their current firmware release but support for vVols in some cases will not be available until a future firmware release.  As always check with your storage vendor.


Example of level of support detailed for a specific storage array varying with firmware version

You’ll also want to check with 3rd party vendors that integrate with vSphere.  This is basically any VIBs installed on host servers and anything that registers with vCenter Server, especially any plugins.  Backup/recovery and monitoring solutions are some of the most common here, but there’s also replication, storage acceleration and several others.  I’ve reached out to 5 vendors on the issue of vSphere 6 support it and none of them formally support it yet, but plan on delivering support in a matter of weeks or months depending on the vendor.  Whether you need to wait for formal support or want to be a pioneer depends on the use case and your tolerance for risk.  In some cases you may be able to “cheat” formal support while in other cases the risk may be just too great without formal support.

And last but not least read the releases notes!

Happy upgrading!

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