Understanding The Latest Cloud Announcements (AWS to Azure Mapping)

(Disclaimer – this blog post was written by a Microsoft employee)

It’s a real exciting time in the cloud computing industry with so many new solutions being offered at a dizzying pace.

Several new announcements were made last week and @stufox tried to provide some clarity by mapping some AWS products to Azure:

Building on this, I quickly made the following table which attempts to map several of these newer offerings.  Of course not all features here are going to have perfect parity across vendor implementations – as always perform your due diligence – but this should help to relate to these features across multiple clouds.

Offerings in preview or “coming soon” at the time of this post are noted below.

AWS Feature Azure Feature Notes
Step Functions Logic Apps Both enable scalable, visual workflows for distributed applications.
X-Ray (preview) Application Insights Rich application performance monitoring (APM) leveraging machine learning
AWS Glue (coming soon) Data Factory Data processing and transformation
AWS Batch (preview) Azure Batch Cloud scale batch processing
CodeBuild Visual Studio Team Services Developer Tools
Pinpoint Mobile Engagement Track mobile engagement
AWS Shield Built-in, also Azure Security Center Mitigate DDOS attacks
Alexa Skills Cortana Intelligence Suite Alexa Skills is focused more on leveraging voice capabilities, while Cortana is more focused on analytics.
Health Dashboard Azure Security Center and Azure Advisor (preview) Health, performance, and security status
Lambda Functions “Serverless” computing or “Functions as a Service”

Also, while some of the newer offerings are not yet listed, you can view a broader list of AWS to Azure service mapping here:



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