Virtual Geek 2010 Survey Results

Chad Sakac (a.k.a. Virtual Geek) has posted the results on his informal survey and there are some interesting results.  You can review the full details on Chad’s post but I wanted to “borrow” a few graphics that I thought were interesting.

As illustrated below, the overwhelming majority are running vSphere 4 which was released just over a year ago.  In fact more are running the just-released 4.1 than are running 3.5.  Clearly VMware customers have been quick to realize the value in vSphere and upgrade.

This table on backups was also interesting.  60% (50/33) of those who are running backup agents in their guests have indicated that they “hate” this arrangement while 90% (45/5) of those who are using VADP (vStorage) “love it” (my vote makes up a portion of that 90%):

Rackmount servers were more popular than blades by more than 2:1 (I tend to favor rackmount in most scenarios):

And over 70% indicated that they are already at Stage 2 or better on their journey to cloud computing:

There’s much more in the survey that is quite interesting.  Check it out and look it over.  If I have the time, I may later revisit this and add some additional observations.

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