What’s a Blue Shift?

What’s a Blue Shift?

What’s a good name for a blog focusing on game-changing technologies like virtualization?

As I began considering names for this blog, one concept I considered was a paradigm shift.  This concept could be used to describe several disruptive trends in the IT industry over the years — such as a shift away from flat directories (Netware 3, Windows NT) to x.500 directories such as Active Directory.

When Gartner announced the top 10 Technology Priorities for CIO’s in 2010, it was hardly a surprise that virtualization would be #1 on that list (followed by cloud computing).  Virtualization is a paradigm shift as it requires a new way of thinking, but it can be profoundly empowering once fully understood and embraced.  But using “paradigm shift” as a name just sounded too cliché.

Instead, I went with Blue Shift.  What’s a blue shift?  Wikipedia explains that a blue shift is the term used to describe how the light transmitted from an object shifts towards the blue spectrum when the object is moving towards the viewer.  So the implied message here is “virtualization is coming towards you.  What will you do about it?”

The name Blue Shift works on a few other levels too.  For example the colors of some of the x86 virtualization market leaders like VMWare and Microsoft are blue (so is EMC).   The name could suggest an industry shift towards using virtualization solutions from these vendors.

And finally, a discussion of information technology shifts would not be complete if we didn’t mention the transition to cloud computing, which will be covered here as well.

So that’s the story behind the name in a nutshell.  While the primary focus will be x86 virtualization, this blog will occasionally find tangents into complimentary topics such as storage, Active Directory, Windows Server, SQL Server, Project Management and more.

Add us to your RSS feeds as we will be working on some content I hope you find informative and helpful as well as industry news and product updates.

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