VMworld from the East Coast

I was hoping to have the opportunity to talk to several experts, vendors and customers and discuss new storage/virtualization/cloud offerings, but doing so from the East Coast is a bit of a challenge!  For reasons beyond my control I was unable to attend VMworld this year, but the silver lining is that I’m a bit removed from all the noise and neon lights so hopefully that will only improve my analysis 🙂

I’m going to be relying largely on social media and press releases to keep informed so I won’t have much opportunity to blog about sessions or many of the new vendor offerings, but there should still be plenty to write about (if you’re a vendor and you have a few minutes, drop me a line!).  Already we’ve gotten some hints about some exciting product launches and other announcements which will be made public tomorrow.  

Earlier, Scott Hanson (@DellServerGeek) tweeted this slide which I think goes a long way to simplifying what cloud computing (public, private or hybrid) is all about:


It should be an exciting day tomorrow with some mind-bending announcements!

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