VMworld — Keynote Live Blog

This is my first attempt at a live blog.  Let’s see how this goes….

12:05 — mind-opening images and music playing

12:06  Azure skys?  LOL

12:08  There’s the “Matrix” reference while explaining the cloud

12:09  Rick Jackson, Marketing takes the stage

12:10  VMworld has grown to 17,021 attendees despite the 2nd European Conference — was 14,000 last year

12:14 Hybrid cloud supporting VMworld this year — over 3700 labs services yesterday, over 4,000 VMs per hour.  Over 100,000 VMs will be provisioned during the week.

12:15  Chris Wolf (Gartner) tweets “VMware sounding like McDonalds – over 40 gazillion VMs served. Seriously – i get it though. VMware is scalable and numbers are impressive.”

12:19  The 3-stage private cloud journey is introduced

12:20  Phase 2 is about Quality of Service — customers say Sharepoint, Exchange, SQL, Oracle run better virtualized

12:22  There’s my favorite phrase — Phase 3 is about Business Agility

12:24 Customer quote from Levi Strauss stating how the cloud can “enable the business to be innovative and agile”

12:25  There’s the ITaaS slide…Optimizing the Production of IT Services

12:26  Could not agree more.  The financial benefits of Phase 3 dwarf those of 1 and 2.

12:27  CEO Paul Maritz takes the stage

12:28  Tipping point has been reached…most new servers are now virtualized.  10 million VMs growing at 28% annually.  190,000 VMware customers

12:29  Beer and tasty cake (reviewing customers around the globe)

12:32  The virtualization layer is the focus for innovation in the industry

12:33  Decrease OpEx with automation

12:34  Security used to be checks at physical boundaries.  This no longer works!  Focus will shift to logical boundaries within virtual infrastructure.

12:35 Virtual datacenter is a key concept for the private cloud

12:36 purchasing datacenter infrastructure in a Just-In-Time fashion?  this is the goal.  Standards and compatible management will be key requirement.

12:38 Secure Hybrid Cloud will be the most common model — it will happen with or without VMware

12:39 Old Apps on New Infrastructure is not enough.  Batch oriented code will not be effective.

12:41 Developers moving to new frameworks like RoR (Rails) and SpringSource

12:41 Hardware management is moving to virtualization layer.  The OS will not disappear but will be a component within cloud infrastructure

12:43 New API’s will enable portability to move either in to or out of the cloud, or to other clouds

12:45  SaaS adoption is here (” I have 15 and approved none”) and IT will be left holding the bag

12:46 Flood of non-Windows, non-PC -form factor devices (iPads, smart phones, etc).

12:48  Yesterday the desktop was the foundation for IT work.  Applications now must “float away” from devices.  Steve Jobs will try to sell you a new iPad every 6 months….

12:50 Steve Herrod takes the stage

12:52  Referring to a single logical datacenter as a “virtual giant”

12:53  A single vSphere cluster can support more than one million websites

12:55  vMotion improvements.  More concurrency up to 128 concurrently and up to 5x faster

12:56  Storage I/O control as a way to guarantee SLAs

12:57  Same goes for new Network I/O control

12:58  vStorage API!  Getting into VAAI and SAN offloading of operations

1:00 New Acquisition announcement.  Abstracting the virtual giant into a single pane of glass.  Missed the name….

1:01 Name of company acquired is Integrien.  Looks like a VERY nice maangement tool

1:03 Moving to social media….or is this about the Horizon Project?

1:05  Yup…sounds like Horizon Project — unified identity management (and security) across private and public clouds.

1:08 Chargeback — the economics will make chargeback a requirment for most everyone.

1:10 Project Redwood = vCloud Director

1:11 Cloud Security — physical boundaries are less relevant and obsolete.  Security needs to be within logical points within the virtual infrastructure

1:13 new vShield products (App, Shield, Endpoint) introduced.  I expect these to be very significant products

1:15 vCloud Datacenter service announced.  Verizon is a partner.

1:16 Starting vCloud Director demo….

1:18  Scooters on the stage with music to wake up anyone who may have dozed off….

1:19 vCloud Director will aggregate across multiple vCenter servers

1:20 Setting up a VPN tunnel across clouds

1:23 SpringSource adoption has increased.  New UI’s and datatypes.

1:25  vmforce and Google integration discussed.  Cloud portability is key.  RoR and PHP mentioned for future compatibility.

1:27  vFabric — portability across clouds, multiple software languages

1:28  VMware View 4.5 discussed.  This will really increase VDI adoption.  Offline (airplane mode) for hosted virtual desktops.  Major scalability improvements and agentless antivirus.

1:30 Desktop acquisition costs under $500 with VDI

1:32 ok..NOW we are onto project Horizon

1:35 instant user provisioning with SaaS (i.e. Saleforce.com)

1:37 Touch gestures for VMware View on iPad.

1:38  Nice!  virtual desktops from the iPad with VMware View 4.5

1:40  Instant user identify provisioning.  Click an app in VMware View and the user is provisioned with the SaaS app

1:41  Support for Andriod devices coming

1:42 That’s a wrap folks!

1:43  A good keynote.  It must have been a challenge to target the content at all different audiences, but there’s a lot here that everyone from the CxO to the enthusiast should be excited about.  Much more detail in the super sessions.  Hopefully the VMware View super session will be available via webast.

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