Synergy: Vblock + UIM + vCloud Director

Let’s take a quick overview of three separate products:

  • Vblock:  Infrastructure as a utility.  Need more capacity?  Purchase servers/storage/networking as a single rack – no engineering required.
  • EMC Unified Infrastucture Manager (UIM):  Single point of management for vBlock infrastructure with policy-based configuration and change management.
  • VMware vCloud Director:  Pool infrastructure into private clouds to quickly deploy and manage applications

What happens when you put all three together?  Synergy and business agility.

EMC’s Chad Sakac posted this video demoing deploying an application using these components in just minutes (the stream below is in HD — expand the window to see the detail):

More details in Chad’s post here.  This is a very exciting vision of how new efficiencies and business agility can be achieved.  These may be 1.0 products but they will only mature over time — the beta for EMC UIM 2.0 has already been announced some more capabiltities continue to be developed to support this vision.

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