VMworld 2010 Keynote Replay

Below is the 4 minute intro that was played at VMworld 2010 to attempt to define the cloud with a bit of humor.  During the live feed I missed the fact that the voice inquiring “What the hell is cloud computing” actually came from Oracle HQ.  (Oracle of course has some unique support policies regarding virutalization, while they attempt to promote their own hypervisor).

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you take some time to watch the replay of the entire keynote.  The value proposition of cloud computing is well explained during the keynote.  As VMware CEO Paul Martiz explained, these changes in IT will happen with or without VMware.  Applications need to divest from the traditional PC model and have flexibility in the cloud.  Automation and standards can be used to reduce operational costs.  As I wrote here, enterprises can move away from the legacy IT-as-a-cost-center model and discover a new agility that can be used to quickly support strategic business initiatives and goals.

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