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I suspect that most bloggers would feel the same if I said that I had the chance to blog on less than 20% of my ideas.  One of my favorite new products I’ve never even blogged on is vCloud Director –which probably has something to do with me never having had the opportunity to use it.

I’ve got what I think will be some interesting posts to share, on topics from organizational silos, automation and vCloud Director, a fun post on cloud security (fun?), and backups and OPEX, and our experience with a very special charity, but I just haven’t had time to fully hatch them yet.  I’m right in the middle of crunch time for a project and the domestic front has also been busy so finding time has been slow lately.

Looking back I’ve noticed that some of my older posts on things like disk alignment and application quiescing are getting some of the most hits.  I think that I may also re-post a handful of these older posts that haven’t been seen by the community yet.  As I mentioned earlier I haven’t touched anything to do with VM’s for almost a year now, which has been having an impact on my content, but I expect this to change soon…

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