Introducing Project BLUE SPHERE (PBS)

I was wanting to blog about Vblocks, UIM, vCD in the OPEX/Agility space and much more, but it’s rather difficult to gain access to some of these things and learn about them  — especially for an independent blogger who was unable to attend VMworld or access the online sessions.  That leaves me with just theory and vSphere to blog about.  Pretty dull huh?  In fact the whole thing made me a bit sad…

Now I do happen to be starting a major vSphere upgrade project but there’s not much there that hasn’t been said, right?  Looking at other blogs I still see a lot of activity on things that didn’t seem terribly interesting to me.  Then it occurred to me that just because I may not  find something exciting or relevant doesn’t mean that others in the community wouldn’t.  And there’s always more than that can be learned about vSphere and integrating all of the elements.


I am leading a project consolidating medium sized ESX 3.5 and ESX 3.0 farms supporting over 300 VM’s to a 20-host vSphere 4.1 environment, so why not blog about about the items of technical interest during the project?  It’s kind of like a reality show for vGeeks, but the best part is there are no eliminations, no immunity, no one gets fired (we hope) and no “most dramatic rose ceremony ever” just after the commercial break.  Just good old vSphere.

We won’t cover absolutely everything of course, but I’ll outline our technical experiences with upgrading vCenter, vCenter Heartbeat, ESXi 4.1, backups, some other challenges and much more as we proceed through the project which hopefully will provide some valuable lessons learned and best practices.

The project is in the early stages as I’m still collecting details and preparing for kickoff meetings, but be sure to tune into Blue Shift and track our progress during our ESX 3.x to vSphere 4.1 upgrade.  I’ll also be starting an “Agility” series soon which will cover some of the things I find exciting about the VBlock, UIM, vCD and more.

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