EVO 4G versus the iPhone

I got an HTC EVO 4G (Sprint) recently and I’ve got to say this is one amazing phone (and I haven’t even tested the 4G yet which is not yet available in New York City).  Not only is there great RDP and Citrix clients available but it would also work well with vCenter Mobile Access for managing your virtual infrastructure on the go.

Google just announced this week, the new App Inventor for Android, which is designed to help non-programmers write Andriod apps, which should increase the quantity (but perhaps not the quality) of apps available.  There just simply aren’t enough good virtual vuvezelas out there!

Now it just wouldn’t be any fun if I didn’t poke any fun at all the iPhone users out there.  But they may already be feeling a bit down now that Consumer Reports is unable to recommend the iPhone 4 (which is not 4G by the way) due to what they deemed a design defect.

At least iPhone users do have a place to go where they can discuss the features that do work…

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