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Active Directory in the Cloud

Active Directory capabilities have been a key differentiatior for the Microsoft Cloud, which includes the capabilities of Azure.  Some may be inclined to think of Active Directory as a legacy on-premise technology that grinds against cloud principles, but when it

Exploring VMware’s New OnDemand Private Cloud (Part 1)

UPDATE:  vCloud Air OnDemand is out of beta and has now entered an Early Access Program for which you can sign up here. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to explore a beta of VMware’s upcoming cloud offering – vCloud Air

A Tale of Two Clouds (The Hybrid Cloud Is The New Normal)

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the peak of inflated expectations, it was the trough of disillusionment, it was an epoch of unicorns and rainbows, it was an epoch of engineers and

VMware Pursues SDN With Upcoming NSX Offering

VMware Pursues SDN With Upcoming NSX Offering

Earlier this week VMware announced VMware NSX – an upcoming offering that takes network virtualization to new levels. NSX appears to be somewhat of a fusion between Nicria’s SDN technology (acquired last year by VMware) and vCloud Network and Security

Enter The Hybrid Cloud

I think there’s a huge opportunity (and need) for hybrid cloud management tools. Let me explain.

Is IT a Cost Center? Evolving Towards Agility

Over a decade ago – and well before today’s cloud concepts – I was encountering limitations in defining and expressing the value of various IT initiatives, when I came across a Gartner article discussing how evolved IT organizations would move

FlexPod In the Enterprise — GE and More

In a recent post I made the case that the FlexPod is not JUST an SMB solution for IaaS, but has been quite successful in the enterprise space as well.  Well it turns out that GE (General Electric) will be

The Stack Market: Vblock, FlexPod, VSPEX (and me)

I’ve written several times on this blog about converged infrastructure and a few recent events have compelled me to revisit the topic. These events include the launch of EMC’s VSPEX solution along with my decision to accept a new position

The NoCloud Organization Part 1: Would You Like Fries With Your Cloud?

When Ray Kroc looked to expand his restaurant business beyond just a few stores and into a larger franchise he would face several challenges in delivering a consistent standardized product on a larger scale.  One challenge was labor — if

The New Application Paradigm — Is the PC Still The Center of the Universe?

The New Application Paradigm — Is the PC Still The Center of the Universe?

For roughly 1500 years it was believed that the Earth was the center of the universe.  Copernicus wrote a paper in 1532, which would not be published until several years following his death, which argued that the planets in fact