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Exploring VMware’s New OnDemand Private Cloud (Part 1)

UPDATE:  vCloud Air OnDemand is out of beta and has now entered an Early Access Program for which you can sign up here. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to explore a beta of VMware’s upcoming cloud offering – vCloud Air

FlexPod In the Enterprise — GE and More

In a recent post I made the case that the FlexPod is not JUST an SMB solution for IaaS, but has been quite successful in the enterprise space as well.  Well it turns out that GE (General Electric) will be

The Stack Market: Vblock, FlexPod, VSPEX (and me)

I’ve written several times on this blog about converged infrastructure and a few recent events have compelled me to revisit the topic. These events include the launch of EMC’s VSPEX solution along with my decision to accept a new position

Stacks, the Vblock and Value — A Chat with EMC’s Chad Sakac

Stacks, the Vblock and Value — A Chat with EMC’s Chad Sakac

...I reached out to EMC’s Chad Sakac to gain more insights from his perspective on how the various stacks…well…stacked up....

Let Your Fast Zebras Run Free (with a Vblock)

Let Your Fast Zebras Run Free (with a Vblock)

What makes an IT department effective and agile?  How can you let the stars on your team succeed while reducing gridlock and OPEX (operational expenses)? Jon Katzenback and Zia Khan have an intriguing post at Harvard Business Review on fast

“Will VMware become the next Novell?” and the role of the guest OS

Two questions I keep hearing being repeated are, “will VMware become the next Novell?” along with questions about the role of the guest OS following VMware’s expected purchase of SUSE Linux from Novell. I've heard a variety of opinions

WSJ: VMware to acquire Novell’s SUSE Linux division

Prior to VMworld, there had been rumors of a possible VMware-Novell deal in the works. Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal reported that VMware is indeed in talks to acquire Novell's SUSE Linux division, while remaining assets

Pre-Keynote Product Announcements

Here’s a quick summary of some product announcements and links.  At a future time I will take a closer look at several of these new solutions. VMware View 4.5 — Tiered storage, agentless anti-virus, and offline (untethered) capability…this is going

VIS: Dell’s answer to Vblock?

Was that a provocative title? I know, I know....there's a LOT of differences between Dell's VIS and Vblock but they both do attempt to reduce Operational Expenses (OpEx) and improve deployment times for the customer -- and it is in this

Citrix to Acquire VMLogix

SearchServerVirtualization is reporting that Citrix will announce their acquisition of VMLogix later today.  The acquisition gives Citrix their LabManager and StageManager products which support VMware, Hyper-V and of course, XenServer.  Not really a private cloud move, but it gives Citrix more tools in the OpEx