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Exploring VMware’s New OnDemand Private Cloud (Part 1)

UPDATE:  vCloud Air OnDemand is out of beta and has now entered an Early Access Program for which you can sign up here. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to explore a beta of VMware’s upcoming cloud offering – vCloud Air

VMware Pursues SDN With Upcoming NSX Offering

VMware Pursues SDN With Upcoming NSX Offering

Earlier this week VMware announced VMware NSX – an upcoming offering that takes network virtualization to new levels. NSX appears to be somewhat of a fusion between Nicria’s SDN technology (acquired last year by VMware) and vCloud Network and Security

VMware vSphere Distributed Switch Best Practices

A few days ago I shared a link to VMware’s latest whitepaper on Twitter and many others have as well.  Due to the somewhat temporary and transient nature of Twitter I thought it would be good to post a more

Load Based Teaming in vSphere 4.1

Many commonly assume that VMware will balance network traffic across all the physical NICs that are in the same team, but this is not necessarily the case. Let’s take a closer look at this, and also how a new

What’s Changed in vSphere 4.1?

Courtesy of Eric Sloof's blog post, I discovered this Powerpoint deck of over 200 slides which goes into incredible detail on all the changes that were introduced in 4.1 (from 4.0). These slides are a gold mine of information on everything

Riverbed Virtual Steelhead Appliance Available

Riverbed just released a virtual appliance edition of their Steelhead (WAN Optimization) product. It has all the features and capabilities of the “full appliance” but this is a pre-built appliance that can be quickly deployed onto an existing vSphere

vFabric: The next disruptive technology?

A VERY interesting post by Stephen Foskett discusses VMware's lab efforts to develop a virtual fabric. Cisco offers their Nexus 1000 Virtual Switch which integrates directly with the vSphere hypervisor. But what if VMware could create a rich virtual fabric

vSphere 4.1 Performance Improvements

VMware published an excellent whitepaper detailing the performance improvements introduced in vSphere 4.1. The paper is 14 pages long so here's a quick breakdown for those who want just a quick summary.