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PBS: Why You Need Backup 2.0 — Avoiding the Costs of Traditional Backup

Reducing OPEX (Operational Expense) is a low-hanging fruit that often times I see some organizations fail to reach up and grab. Sometimes it is overlooked after virtualizing and other times it is even a fear towards virtualizing (VM Stall). In

PBS: Upgrade to vSphere Enterprise Plus before 12/15! (updated)

UPDATE: Maish (Technodrome) and I went over the numbers and we both had to make some adjustments.  After issues like VM versus CPU licensing were accounted for, it appears that the benefit of the add-ins in the promotion comes out

Introducing Project BLUE SPHERE (PBS)

I was wanting to blog about Vblocks, UIM, vCD in the OPEX/Agility space and much more, but it's rather difficult to gain access to some of these things and learn about them -- especially for an independent blogger who