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vCenter Operations Foundation Available to vSphere Owners

As a part of the release of vCenter Operations Manager 5.6 (a.k.a. vCOPS) a new Foundation edition has been made available to all vSphere owners.  This is a great opportunity to become familiar with the capabilities of vCOPS to monitor

Virtualization Is Not The Problem (Part 2)

I was reading Jase McCarty’s post about his experiences with virtualiztion being wrongfully attributed as the problem and I wanted to expand on this and include my own experiences. The bottom line is that when a new layer has been

Oracle RAC on vSphere 4.1 (if you can virtualize this, you can virtualize anything!)

For those who have been following Blue Shift, it’s no secret that one of my favorite blogs is VMWare’s VROOM! and there’s several reasons for this. Many of us have been in a situation where someone has told us “you

Advanced vSphere 4 Troubleshooting by Eric Sloof

Eric Sloof has put together an excellent presentation on Advanced vSphere 4 Troubleshooting which he presented at the Dutch VMUG last week. Just browsing through the slide-deck you'll find an excellent summary of how to isolate and troubleshoot performance

Should You Virtualize vCenter Server (and everything else?)

Should You Virtualize vCenter Server (and everything else?)

When concerns are raised around virtualizing vCenter Server, in my experience they usually revolve around either performance and/or out-of-band management. The VROOM! blog at VMware just published a whitepaper that looks closely at vCenter Server performance as a VM versus

Why Disk Alignment is important (and how to fix a misaligned VM)

Your disk system and your Windows VMs may be running slower than necessary. Some simple steps can help to improve disk performance by 9 – 13% in your virtual datacenter.

Load Based Teaming in vSphere 4.1

Many commonly assume that VMware will balance network traffic across all the physical NICs that are in the same team, but this is not necessarily the case. Let’s take a closer look at this, and also how a new

Speed up vSphere client on Windows 7

KB article 1027836 explains that the vSphere client may seem slow when running on Windows 7 systems, and that this is especially noticeable when maximixing the window, which forces a redraw of all the panes inside the client. To improve

The Risks of Thin Provisioning — and Solutions

Recently I was interviewing a candidate who mentioned his vSphere experience.  I asked him what his favorite feature of vSphere 4.1 was and he said thin provisioning (technically this was possible in ESX 3.5 but was really introduced in 4.0).

What’s Changed in vSphere 4.1?

Courtesy of Eric Sloof's blog post, I discovered this Powerpoint deck of over 200 slides which goes into incredible detail on all the changes that were introduced in 4.1 (from 4.0). These slides are a gold mine of information on everything